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About Us

Soul in Art is all about creativity - yours; mine; the universe's.
We are all creative beings, whether you can draw or not, whether you can sing or play an instrument or not, whether you dream or not.

Creativity - whether through art, craft, music, writing, story-telling or a hundred other things - is a way of expressing our feelings that can promote healing. Perhaps we can't find the words to describe exactly how we feel, but the strokes of a paint brush might say it all through their colour, shape, flow and texture.

Creative Journaling is an ideal way to explore our own creativity whilst developing
our self-expression and self-healing tools.

Soul in Art is also the place to find original and unique pieces of art, created by contemporary artist Catherine M Evans.

At Soul in Art our aims are:

1) To encourage and support people in developing their creativity and finding healing, peace and value in creative pursuits, especially arts, crafts and creative journaling.

2) To create unique and original art, available for sale on and offline.

HealingThese we hope to achieve by providing downloads, articles, workshops & other resources.

Catherine M Evans is a mixed media artist, specialising in contemporary mosaics, collage and art cards. Her mosaics are colourful and original, drawing inspiration from mythology and symbology. Catherine's beautiful, unique collages and art cards (known as ACEOs - Art Cards, Editions & Originals, or Artist Trading Cards) are created with recycled and vintage ephemera, found objects, felt, ribbons and craft fibres.

Catherine has widely studied and used complementary therapies and alternative lifestyle subjects over the last 12 years. She is qualified in several practices, including feng shui, colour healing and crystal healing. Her passion for healing arts and crafts has also grown over the last few years, and it was during a period of enforced introspection that she began to appreciate the strong healing nature of art. Catherine then started dedicating herself to compiling resources to help other people understand and benefit from the expressive and therapeutic nature of arts & crafts, and the healing nature that is within us all.

Catherine is a member of the Sydenham Garden charity arts & crafts group, and a volunteer with Magpie Dance; a contemporary dance company for people with learning disabilities.

Catherine lives in Beckenham, Kent with her husband Steve, two dogs and two cats.

Catherine M Evans - Soul in Art - creativity resources

Soul in Art is developed by Catherine M Evans, with the help of good friends and good books.


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