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Cheap & free things to do

Go for a walk and see how many shades of one particular colour you can find.

Grab a pencil & paper and go sketch! Forget about perfection, just have fun with shapes & textures.

Start an art journal (see Creative Journaling).

If you already own a digital camera or mobile phone with camera, then taking photos is free and fun to do. Explore your neighbourhood, go to a local park, or experiment with photographing things at home (e.g. flowers & plants, fabrics & interesting textures, ornaments or your family & pets).

Listen to music.

Buy a helium-filled balloon. Attach a note to it with your contact details and let it go. Who knows how far it will travel and who will find it & get in touch with you!

Find pictures in the clouds.

Make vegetable stamps
out of potatos or carrots

(be very careful using sharp

Potato cutting for vegetable stamping
Carrot stamp printing
Potato stamping example picture

Pick some flowers, especially buttercups from your lawn, and press them between the pages of a phone book. A couple of weeks later you will have beautiful, natural, decorative embellishments for hand-made cards and other craft projects. Some grasses and leaves look great dried too - experiment! (But please don't steal anyone else's plants or pick any protected species!)

Dig out some old magazines and junk mail from your recycling bin. Cut or rip out pictures and patterns that you like and make a collage.

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