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From Suppression to Expression

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual comfort can be found through creative writing, keeping an art journal and other creative media, such as arts & crafts, music, drama, writing, performing, gardening, cooking, constructing, designing or developing. What matters is
not the method or the creation itself, but the process, journey and outcome for you as a person.

These creative processes and journeys can enhance our life in so many ways, including personal growth, release, relief and awakenings. The very act of immersing yourself in drawing, painting, colouring, cutting and sticking, for example, takes you "out of yourself". You can lose all sense of time and find that hours go past before you remember that supper needs cooking or the dog needs a walk! This time away from your worries and stresses is restorative time, giving your body and mind a chance to relax and recharge. You may come away feeling refreshed and relaxed, invigorated and energised.

Using creativity, such as journal therapy in the form of keeping a reflective journal with art and creative writing, is also a way of expressing those feelings and thoughts for which there are no words. When we just "can't explain" how we feel, or have some problems in our life that we can't seem to resolve, then we may find we are drawn to certain colours, materials and styles that can help us express and understand these inner experiences.

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Doing arty and creative things uses functions of the right hemisphere of our brains - our emotional centre and the area which processes visual and auditory stimuli. The emotional right brain is also dominant in the change processes of psychological therapies, and for coping with and assimilating novel situations.

Through creative art journaling - the use of both words and pictures - we can find a powerful key to unlocking our innate coping strategies and self-healing mechanisms.

And one of the best things is that creativity and art journaling are cheap or even free to do :-)

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