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Anxiety UK -



NHS advice -

No Panic -

Triumph Over Phobia -



A user-led organisation for those affected by anxiety disorders

International Association for Jourmal Writing

Helping people take care of their mental health

Health advice

Helplines, group support & publications for sufferers of anxiety & panic disorders

Self-help groups & support for sufferers of anxiety & panic disorders, including OCD


Inspiring personal creative exploration & expression

Art journaling blog

Directory of arts & crafts blogs

Social news website -
Art sub-community
- &
Design sub-community

Supportive, challenging space for people to find spiritual fellowship through art

Personal and spiritual growth, self help & self improvement

Based on the Raja Yoga of Bharat

Marketplace for handmade & craft items

Artist & author on all things creative

One-to-one personal coaching for those looking to change or find direction in life.

Online magazine of all things creative

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